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One of the private homes of Her Majesty The Queen, Sandringham is a place where the Royal Family can relax informal visits, entertain friends and enjoy the tranquillity of the surrounding countryside.  Neither a Palace nor a Castle, Sandringham is a country house with an atmosphere of welcome.

Sixty acres of glorious gardens surround
and shelter Sandringham House.  The
formal planting of the Edwardian age
has given way to great sweeping glades,
bordered by banks and shrubs and
splendid specimen trees to create an
informal garden as delightful in winter as 

The Museum is a must, in 1995 when the
Museum was being refurbished, an old 
cupboard was opened for the first time in
more than fifty years to reveal two messages written in pencil, "Museum 
September 20th 1928 made from stables,
stalls and carrage houses" and "Museum
open to the public 1930, July 2nd, at 3d a head. this lasted for five years".  The early Museum was created by King George v to bring together big game trophies from all the Royal resdences. In 1977, when Sandringham House was open to the public, the Trophy Collection was condensed so that the Museum could house exhibits relating to the history of the estate, vehicles of the Royal household, commemorative china and gifts given to Her Majesty The Queen during her travels at home and abroad. 

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